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Ask any farmer and they’ll tell you: working the land is not only hard work, it’s complicated as well.

Our network of articles and interviews are here to help the small farmer keep everything straight. From in-depth articles on the biggest topics to interviews with farmers on the most important details, everyone can learn something new.

What You Can Expect…

Here are the kinds of articles and content you can expect from our site:

Read in-depth articles about a wide variety of subjects that impact farmers and small farms

In-Depth Articles

Here you’ll find detailed discussions of the issues that matter most in the farming world. Our in-depth guides will walk you through the biggest topics.

Read interviews with farmers on topics that matter most to them

Ask a Farmer

Looking for discussions on the fine details of farming? Here we go straight to the source with interviews of real farmers making an impact.

Find a butcher that performs custom processing of livestock

Livestock Processor Directory

As every livestock farmer knows, sometimes its best to work with the professionals. Our directory of livestock processors is here to help you find a local butcher shop that suits your needs.