DIY Corner: Chicken Tractors

When it comes to pastured poultry operations, there are few more important DIY jobs than the DIY chicken tractor.

Today we’ll look at a few different videos that highlight the different styles available and the many creative solutions people have come up with.

First up we have a video from one of the more prominent names in the chicken tractor world, John Suscovich. Check out the below video in which he goes over the details for his Stress Free Chicken Tractor:

Another great option comes from the team at Lumnah Acres.

Featuring a creative design and a rock-bottom budget ($30!), their chicken tractor comes together quickly and would be an easy project for most.

Bonus points for the adorable father-daughter project. The notes in their video contains a link to the full plans for this tractor.

The most popular video on YouTube for ‘DIY Chicken Tractor,’ this video from the Hubmle Little Homestead channel goes into great detail on everything you’d need to know to build your own.

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