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Turkey Butchers by State

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Alabama Turkey Processors

Marble Creek Farmstead

Located on a 40-acre farm in Alabama, Marble Creek Farmstead has a processing plant to help with your poultry needs. Started in 2014, they are best known for raising a variety of livestock using environmentally-sustainable techniques such as rotational grazing.

514 Odena Rd N

Sylacauga, AL 35150

(205) 936-6120

Arkansas Turkey Processors

Advanced Meat Processing

Based in a one-room slaughter house that’s been serving the Van Buren area since the 1950’s, Advanced Meat Processing runs like a well-oiled machine. As they regularily get livestock from across Arkansas and Oklahoma, you can trust that your animals are in good hands.

2900 Oliver Springs Rd

Van Buren, AR 94107

(479) 474-1645

Natural State Processing Company

Opened in August 2016 and consisting of a joint venture between Cypress Valley Meat Company and Grass Root Farmers’ Cooperative, Natural State Processing Company provides humane processing services for small-scale poultry operations. Their continual training and great equipment ensure that your animals are treated right.

245 Quality Drive

Clinton, AR 72031

(501) 745-2037

Colorado Turkey Processors

Simla Frozen Food Locker LLC

A family operated business since 1990 and serving the state of Colorado, Simla Froze Food Locker LLC can handle of wide variety of animal processing needs. They have the capability to handle both red meat and white meat requests.

101 Pueblo Ave

Simla, CO 80835

(719) 541-2360

Florida Turkey Processors

Circle C Farm

A first generation family farm based in Southeast Florida, Circle C Farm can help process a diverse range of livestock. Able to process both white and red meats, they have more than what it takes to help out with your custom slaughtering needs.

951 Mims Rd

Felda, FL 33930

(239) 776-9054

Idaho Turkey Processors

Meridian Meat Packers

Serving the Boise area with more than three decades of butchering experience, Meridian Meat Packers can meet your needs with their mobile butchering vehicle. Don’t forget to try their famous Ed’s Western Style Jerky.

245 E Blue Heron Ln

Meridian, ID 83646

(208) 888-1877

Illinois Turkey Processors

Petersburg Poultry Processing

Offering custom poultry processing to central Illinois, Petersburg Poultry Processing can help out with your next poultry harvest. Your birds are in great hands as the staff at Petersburg Poultry Processing takes animal welfare very seriously.

1215 E Clary St

Petersburg, IL 62675

(217) 501-2316

Iowa Turkey Processors

Duncan’s Poultry

Founded more than 30 years ago as a small poultry processing plant, Duncan’s Poultry LLC has since grown to handle a variety of poultry needs. Their on site poultry processing facility serves the state of Iowa and can process a wide variety of poultry species.

2947 Ogden Ave

Missouri Valley, IA 51555

(712) 644-2322

Maine Turkey Processors

Common Wealth Poultry Co.

Featuring a new poultry processing facility opened in 2015, Commonwealth Poultry Co has the ability to handle your large poultry processing needs. Know that their background in poultry production leaves your birds in great hands.

55 Industrial Dr

Gardiner, ME 04345

(207) 582-4900

Greaney’s Turkey Farm

Established in 1983 and serving the state of Maine, Greaney’s Turkey Farm can help process a wide variety of poultry. Using the same methods they employ on their own birds, you can be sure that your birds will be handled professionally by their staff.

309 Main St

Mercer, ME 04957

(207) 587-4062

Massachusetts Turkey Processors

Stillman Quality Meats, LLC.

Based on a true family farm that has been producing pasture raised meats and poultry since 2005, Stillman Quality Meats can help with your next poultry processing event. From custom processing to packaging, your birds will be handled by true professionals.

3674 Greenwich Rd

Ware, MA 01082

(413) 277-9600

Michigan Turkey Processors

Munsell’s Poultry Processing

Locally owned and serving the Michigan area, Munsell’s Poultry Processing provide the complete service you need for your poultry. Their strict sanitation program and experienced staff have what it takes to handle your custom poultry requests.

6131 W Mason Rd

Fowlerville, MI 48836

(517) 375-9908

Baker’s Green Acres

Based on a small family farm in northern lower Michigan, Bakers Green Acres has a poultry processing facility that can help with your flock. Given their experience raising assorted livestock on pasture, you can be sure that your birds are in good hands.

1579 Brinks Rd

Marion, MI 49665

(231) 825-0293

Minnesota Turkey Processors

Backus Locker

An old-fashioned meat market serving Northern Minnesota since 1947, Backus Locker has the ability to process a wide variety of livestock. Know that your animals will be handled according to your specifications.

111 Front St N

Backus, MN 56435

(218) 947-4220

Dennison Meat Locker

Established in 2001 and serving Minnesota ever since, Dennison Meat Locker processes a wide variety of livestock and can help with your next harvest. In addition to processing they have the ability to smoke items and make sausages.

109 375th Street Way

Dennison, MN 55018

(507) 645-8734

New Hampshire Turkey Processors

Granite State Poultry and Processing, LLC

Serving the New Hampshire area with their poultry processing services, Granite State Poultry has what it takes to help with your next project. From chickens to ducks to turkeys and more, their professional staff is here to help.

95 Spaulding St

Milford, NH 03055

(603) 554-5856

New Jersey Turkey Processors

Senat Poultry

A family-owned and operated poultry processor serving the Tri-State area for many years, Senat Poultry is truly focused on poultry. Rest assured knowing that their trained staff will do everything they can to handle your poultry with utmost respect.

2-8 Warren St

Paterson, NJ 07524

(862) 239-1708

New York Turkey Processors


Serving the state of New York, Eklund’s Processing Inc has the capabilities to process a wide variety of livestock. Whether you need your livestock cut to custom specifications or if you’re interested in smoking, they have the expertise.

56 Railroad Ave

Stamford, NY 12167

(607) 435-9375

Ohio Turkey Processors

King & Sons Poultry Services Inc.

A family-owned custom poultry processor serving the Ohio area, King and Sons Poultry Services provides a variety of poultry services you may need. From packaging to custom labeling to specialized cutting, they’ve got you covered.

8091 Horatio-Harris Creek Rd

Bradford, OH 45331

(937) 448-2448

Pleasant Valley Poultry

Serving Ohio and the surrounding states and founded in 2009, Pleasant Valley Poultry offers custom poultry processing. Their professional staff is very experienced in safe poultry handling and you can be sure that your flock is in good hands.

3160 Pleasant Valley Rd SW

Baltic, OH 43804

(330) 897-0626

The Poultry Barn

Serving the state of Ohio since May 2013, The Poultry Barn can help process your flock of poultry. Know that your birds will be well taken care of as the team at The Poultry Barn consists of life long poultry raisers.

6183 Houseman Rd

Ostrander, OH 43061

(740) 816-6064

Oregon Turkey Processors

Mineral Springs Poultry

A family-owned business serving the Oregon area, Mineral Springs Poultry prides itself on their custom processing of poultry. Know that your birds are in great hands as this family business was started back in 1979.

25500 Yamhill River Rd

Willamina, OR 97396

(503) 876-8231

Rhode Island Turkey Processors

Baffoni’s Poultry Farm

Based on a family farm that’s been around since 1935, Baffoni’s Poultry Farm features a poultry slaughterhouse launched in early 2014. Rest assured knowing that their fourth-generation business has your flock in good hands.

324 Greenville Ave

Johnston, RI 02919

(401) 231-6315

Texas Turkey Processors

Oaks of Mamre Farm & Poultry Processing

Based on a small family farm in Texas, Oaks of Mamre Farm can help with your small-scale poultry processing. You know that your birds are in experienced hands as they take great care to provide your animals with the most humane treatment.

27959 Mellman Rd

Hempstead, TX 77445

(979) 826-9812

Cobb Creek Farm Processing Plant

Established in 2012 with a nearly 1000 acre Texas farm, Cobb Creek Farm can help process your next flock of poultry. Know that their trained staff will harvest your birds in their humane processing facility.

143 HCR 3107

Hillsboro, TX 76645

(580) 761-9679

Vermont Turkey Processors

Maple Wind Farm- Processing Facility

Located on a farm that has been serving the Vermont area since 1999, the slaughterhouse at Maple Wind Farm can help process your poultry. They offer air chilled poultry to ensure that your birds are as flavorful as possible.

1149 East Main St, Rte 2

Richmond, VT 05477

(802) 434-7257

Washington Turkey Processors

Osprey Hill Farm

Based on a family-owned farm in Washington, Osprey Hill Farm can help with the processing of your poultry flock. Given their experience with sustainable poultry farming, you can be sure that your birds are in great hands.

5800 Saxon Rd

Acme, WA 98220

(360) 595-9134

Wisconsin Turkey Processors

Twin Cities Pack

Based in Southern Wisconsin, Twin Cities Pack has what it takes to humanely process your birds. Their trained staff and professional processing equipment are capable of processing your birds in the custom manner of your choice.

5607 E. County Hwy J

Clinton, WI 53525

(608) 676-4428

Pond-Hill Processing

With years of experience serving the state of Wisconsin, Pond-Hill Processing has the ability to process a wide variety of livestock. From vacuum sealing to smoking meat to making sausage, their team of professionals can process your animals exactly to your liking.

W16257 Cty Rd Q

Wittenberg, WI 54499

(715) 253-2491

AA Poultry Processing

Founded in 2012 and based on a ranch in Western Wisconsin, AA Poultry Processing, LLC has the capability to handle your custom poultry processing request. They process a wide variety of poultry species and also raise their own birds.

514 Co Rd AA

Ridgeland, WI 54763

(715) 949-1108

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