Best Splitting Maul in 2018

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For good reasons, many people look very fondly on their time spent splitting wood in the backyard. While many view this time as a productive and important part of their self-reliance, everybody knows that splitting wood is a tough job that needs the right tool. As anybody who has spent time splitting wood with a dull axe or maul knows, it is very important to find the best tool for your needs to make this difficult task that much easier.

Therefore, choosing the best splitting maul for your needs will go a long way to help you split logs with ease. It’s important to understand both how a good splitting maul functions and what to look for when comparing the different options available. We’ll show you exactly what to consider and how these different options may suit you depending on variables like your experience level, strength, or personal preferences.

Best Splitting Maul in 2018

Product Maul Weight Maul Length Handle Material
Tabor Tools 35″ Splitting Maul 8.95 lb 35″ Fiberglass
Wilton Tools 36″ B.A.S.H. Splitting Maul 10 lb 36″ Steel
1844 Helko Werk German Splitting Maul 9.5 lb 36″ Wood (Hickory)
Fiskars Iso Core 36″ Maul (Our Choice) 8.55 lb 36″ Composite
Ironton 34″ Splitting Maul 12 lb 34″ Steel

Best Splitting Maul – Buyer’s Guide

There are a variety of factors to keep in mind while searching for the right splitting maul for your needs. Everything from the height of the user to their experience level with splitting wood to the user’s strength may all come into play when trying to find the right maul. It’s important to note that some users may want to consider a splitting axe instead of a maul, which utilizes a lighter head that can split wood with less wear and tear on their body.

The right maul may also depend on the specific job that you’re doing. For example, different woods may react and behave differently depending on their density and the likelihood that they contain knots. The length of wood beans split may also affect your choice of maul, as longer pieces of wood will obviously require more force to split.

Size and Type of Wood being Split

Before considering the various aspects of an individual mall, did may be worth It to consider both of the size and type of wood that is going to be split. Obviously, splitting a longer log is going to require more force and dense woods like oak and hickory will be harder to split. Compared to woods with straight grain patterns, wood that contains many knots will be more difficult to split and require more force.

Maul Head Weight Right for You

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a maul is the head weight. Swinging a heavier maul will lead to increased force and therefore will be able to split longer logs. While a heavier head will allow for increased force, it’s important to note that the heavier a maul is the more quickly it will drain the user of energy. The goal when evaluating a maul is to find a head weight that is in the sweet spot of maximum effectiveness while not completely draining your energy.

It will be beneficial to consider your level of strength to find the right weight for your needs. Using a maul head that is too heavy for your needs may make you more likely to make a mistake while splitting wood. Obviously, safety while splitting wood is incredibly important and any mistakes can possibly lead to injury. That’s why it’s extremely important to find the right fit for your needs.

Handle Material of the Maul

While your aesthetic preferences may come into play, it’s important to consider several practical matters when choosing a handle material for your maul. Without question the classic and iconic handle for a mall is made from wood. This wood is typically hickory or ash and can be replaced very easily if necessary. It’s important to note that wood handles are more likely to be easily damaged when compared to the other available materials. For reasons discussed later, wood handles may be a good choice for more experienced users.

It is also common nowadays to see handles made from the heavy-duty plastic material. While these handles are much more likely to be difficult to replace than their wood counterparts, plastic handles are usually more durable and can handle some misuse. Therefore, they are widely considered to be a good choice for less experienced users who may have issues with accuracy and could possibly break the handle if it struck the log.

Length of the Maul Handle

Finding the right length handle for your splitting maul may depend on a couple of different variables. First, while longer handles do allow for more force they can also lead to less control and therefore less accuracy. Shorter handles will generally lead to a more precise splitting maul and therefore they can be better for less experienced users.

The right handle length can also vary based on the height of the user. For safety reasons, taller users may prefer a slightly longer handle that reduces the likelihood of an injury. Many recommend that the top of the handle reach just below the waist of the user.

Your Experience Level with Splitting Wood

As discussed previously, buyers with less experience should consider the handle material for their mall carefully. As an experienced users may miss the log and accidentally hit the handle, a handle made from more durable materials such as heavy-duty plastic may be less likely to break in that event.

Splitting Maul Buying Guide: Top Products

Here are some of the top splitting mauls to check out…

Tabor Tools 35″ Splitting Maul

Tabor Tools 35″ Splitting Maul Specs
Maul Weight 8.95 lb
Maul Length 35″
Handle Material Fiberglass

Built by Tabor Tools, this 35″ Splitting Maul is an affordable option for those first starting out in wood splitting. A high visibility orange color for the handle is a great feature as it helps prevent accidents.

While the blade is resharpenable, some users have noted that it is softer than they would prefer. It also appears that it would be beneficial to sharpen the factory edge before using this splitting maul, as the factory edge isn’t terribly sharp.

  • Affordable option for those first getting started
  • Bright orange color for high visibility
  • Head softer than most prefer
  • Blade may need sharpening intially

Wilton Tools 36″ B.A.S.H. Splitting Maul

Wilton Tools 36″ B.A.S.H. Splitting Maul Specs
Maul Weight 10 lb
Maul Length 36″
Handle Material Steel

Designed by Wilton Tools as a combination of modern style and excellent functionality, this 36″ B.A.S.H. Splitting Maul is here to do a serious number on your toughest logs. This maul has a head that is painted with high visibility paint, which is great because it helps reduce the likelihood of potential accidents.

While the addition of steel rods to the handle helps greatly increase the durability it also adds additional weight to an already heave splitting maul. As such, this maul may be a good choice for stronger users or those already accustomed to swinging a big ol’ maul. Those just getting started out may want to steer clear and opt for a lighter splitting maul.

  • Heavy duty handle designed for years of use
  • Great reduction in shock via the anti-vibration neck
  • Steel rods increase durability of the handle
  • Some users have reported the head being softer than preferred
  • A bit more expensive than comparable models

1844 Helko Werk German Splitting Maul

1844 Helko Werk German Splitting Maul Specs
Maul Weight 9.5 lb
Maul Length 36″
Handle Material Wood (Hickory)

A true beauty, this Helko Werk 36″ Splitting Maul is handcrafted by German smiths and is as functional as it is beatiful. Featuring a steel head made with high grade carbon steel and a classic Swiss handle made from Grade A hickory, this splitting maul is designed to provide years of reliable service.

This would be a great choice for those who are interested in investing in tools designed to last decades and be passed down. While it has a wood handle, this splitting maul also features a protective metal collar, which is great because it helps prevent damage to the handle in the case of a missed swing.

  • Beautiful piece featuring classic design
  • Top-tier performance for splitting large rounds
  • Replaceable handle in the event of any damage
  • Metal collar helps prevent damage on missed swings
  • Hand crafted design
  • A bit pricey for most

Fiskars Iso Core 36″ Maul

Fiskars Iso Core 36″ Maul Specs
Maul Weight 8.55 lb
Maul Length 36″
Handle Material Composite

Designed by Fiskars to ruthlessly split apart large rounds, this 36″ IsoCore Splitting Maul utilizes cutting edge tech to form a modern design. The handle features a patented shock control system designed to reduce the impact on your body.

This splitting maul isn’t too heavy for most users and the rounded rear sledge is a big help when the maul gets stuck in larger logs. This would be a good choice for just about anybody as it provides a ton a value for a reasonable price. An extended grip and a slip reducing flare at the end are there to help ensure the safe operation of this maul.

  • Great performance and value for the money
  • Very effective on splitting large rounds
  • High-tech handle reduces shock
  • Grip shape allows for proper alignment in swing
  • Some reported instances of collar failure

Ironton 34″ Splitting Maul

Ironton 34″ Splitting Maul Specs
Maul Weight 12 lb
Maul Length 34″
Handle Material Steel

This massive 34″ maul from Ironton features a heavy duty all-steel design that can pack a massive punch. The 12 lb maul head makes this one of the heavier mauls on the market. Therefore this maul is best reserved for the splitting of large rounds.

While there is a time and a place for this maul, most users will unfortunately find this too heavy for them to safely operate. Those who are strong enough can consider this a great tool that can generate a ton of force.

  • Massive maul that can easily handle knotted wood
  • Very durable construction
  • Great for initial splitting of large rounds
  • Handle slightly shorter than many prefer
  • Ultimately too heavy for most to safely operate
  • Round handle gives no sense of maul head orientation

Our Choice

As it stands, the clear winner from our roundup is the Fiskars IsoCore 36″ Splitting Maul. Compared to the other mauls present, this maul provides the best combination of great value and awesome performance.

Balancing heavy duty construction with ease of use, this splitting maul can be used safely by a wide variety of people. Less experienced users will appreciate the high tech handle capable of greatly reducing the shock your hands and body receives.

All in all, this is a great splitting maul for anyone. Whether this is your first, second or eighth splitting maul (guilty as charged), it’s a great addition to any collection.

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