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For those farmers who are raising sheep, shearing them may not be the favorite responsibility but it is a very important one. For both the well-being of your sheep and your own sanity, taking the time to find the right sheep shears for your needs is a great idea.

While you know that we love DIY here, it may be worth considering working with a professional sheep Shearer if your flock is too large or you’re afraid you won’t have to time to properly shear your animals.

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know when selecting a pair of sheep shears. From the weight to the power to the versatility of the shears, we’ll help you find the best sheep shears.

Best Sheep Shears in 2018

Product Strokes Per Minute Weight Power
Lister Laser 2 Sheep Shears (Our Choice) 2500 11 lb 180 W
Oster ShowMaster Variable Speed Shearing Machine 700 – 3,000 8.4 lb 150 W
Missyee Portable Sheep Shears 2400 6.5 lb 320 W
Lister Star Sheep Shears 2800 8 lb 45 W
Pet & Livestock HQ Sheep Shears 2500 6.8 lb 380 W

Best Sheep Shears – Buyer’s Guide

Anyone who has tried their hand at shearing sheep knows that it’s not exactly the easiest task on the farm. Given that, it’s important to carefully consider the following criteria when looking for a pair of sheep shears.

How You Will Use Your Shears

First and foremost, you should carefully consider the types of breeds you’ll be shearing and the reason why you’re shearing them in the first place. If you are shearing sheep for show, you will likely need to consider a higher end pair of shears.

On the other hand, if you are a farmer who needs a pair of shears for blocking long wool sheep then you may not need to invest in such a high-end pair.

Frequency of Use

It’s also important to take into account how frequently you expect to be shearing sheep on your farm. If you’re just getting started out and don’t anticipate spending a lot of time on this activity, then you may want to look for a more affordable option at least in the beginning. Obviously, a lot of this will depend on the size of the flock (both currently and whether you anticipate your flock growing in the future).

The simple truth is that a high-quality pair of sheep sheers has the potential to reduce the amount of time you spend shearing each sheep. If you have a larger flock, it may be well worth it to invest in a high-quality pair of shears as the time saved could seriously payoff. While it no doubt may feel like an expensive purchase upfront, it could very well be a worthwhile investment as everyone knows your time on the farm is extremely valuable.

How Heavy Are the Shears

Carefully consider the weight of the shears and who will be operating them. While there are lighter options, many shears are quite heavily and could be tiring for a less experienced user to operate for long periods of time. Also, it will be worthwhile to consider going with a lighter pair of shears if they are going to be operated by children and teens who may not have the strength of an adult.

While the weight of the shears may not seem like such a big deal at first, the reality is that you will be attempting to handle in control the movements of a large animal while operating the shears. Needless to say, this can wear out in an experienced user pretty fast.


The last thing to consider is whether or not you anticipate wanting to use the sheers on other species of livestock. While it maybe possible to use the shears on other animals, you may need to buy different shearing blades in order to accommodate those animals. Therefore, hobby farms that have a wide variety of livestock animals may want to prioritize looking for a versatile pair of shears.

Sheep Shears Buying Guide: Top Products

Here are the best sheep shears currently available on the market.

Lister Laser 2 Sheep Shears

Lister Laser 2 Sheep Shears Specs
Strokes Per Minute 2500
Weight 11 lb
Power 180 W

A heavy-duty option from Lister, the Laser 2 Sheep Shears make quick work out of slick-shearing a sheep. These shears utilize a patented ventilated head in order to cool the shear blades and prevent overloads. The powerful 180 watt motor runs at 2500 strokes per minute.

A professional set of shears, the Laser 2 Shear is an ideal set for the farmer with a large flock who values their time. A powerful option for those who need it most.

These shears are also compatible with goats, llamas and alpaca, so that added versatility could be useful to the right farm.

  • Powerful, professional grade set of shears
  • Long lifespan when well oiled and maintained
  • Great option for those with large flocks
  • Too pricey for some

Oster ShowMaster Variable Speed Shearing Machine

Oster ShowMaster Variable Speed Shearing Machine Specs
Strokes Per Minute 700 – 3,000
Weight 8.4 lb
Power 150 W

A variable speed option from the Oster brand, the ShowMaster Shearing Machine is capable of operating between 700 and 3,000 strokes per minute. This set of shears may not be as heavy duty as some other options, but they are a good option for those who don’t expect to shear very frequently.

These shears feature a durable 15-foot cord that helps avoid the excessive mess of an extension cord. While they are on the expensive side, these shears are a good option for those who are more likely to need shears for blocking sheep.

  • Easy to have serviced
  • Easy for many to handle
  • Owners recommended switching to 10-tooth comb from standard 13-tooth
  • Some experienced durability issues
  • High price point for performance

Missyee Portable Sheep Shears

Missyee Portable Sheep Shears Specs
Strokes Per Minute 2400
Weight 6.5 lb
Power 320 W

An affordable option from Missyee, the Missyee Sheep Shears features a high-powered 320 W motor that is capable of operating at 2400 strokes per minute.

While these shears may be a good option for those who don’t have many animals, they will be unable to match the perfomance of the more professional models. Users have noted that they run quite loud and the blades are quick to heat up.

  • Works well on a smaller scale
  • Good for the hobby farmer with a small flock
  • Run too loud for many
  • Blade tends to heat up quickly

Lister Star Sheep Shears

Lister Star Sheep Shears Specs
Strokes Per Minute 2800
Weight 8 lb
Power 45 W

An excellent addition from the Lister brand, the Lister Star Sheep Shears is a lightweight option that operates an efficient 45 W motor.

As they are lighter and tend to run quietly, these shears are an excellent option for those just getting started out. They also would be a great set of shears for kids and teenagers who are looking to shear sheep for show but lack the body strength to operate a full size shears while handling an animal.

Like other Lister products, these shears have a higher price point but they are well constructed and can be expected to last for years with proper care.

  • Great option for kids or teens shearing
  • Quality construction leads to great performance
  • Works well for slick-shearing sheep
  • Maybe not as versatile as other models

Pet & Livestock HQ Sheep Shears

Pet & Livestock HQ Sheep Shears Specs
Strokes Per Minute 2500
Weight 6.8 lb
Power 380 W

The 380 W Sheep Shears from Pet & Livestock HQ operate at 2500 strokes per minute and are a good choice for those with small flocks.

While these are certainly some of the most budget-friendly shears on this list, they likely wouldn’t be the best choice for those with large flocks. Some users have noted durability concerns with the blades.

Those with larger flocks should look into shears from the more established brands, though these could be a good option for a hobby farm.

  • Good option for budget conscious farms with a small flock
  • Affordable price point for most
  • Not as durable as more well-known brands
  • Some found the blades dull

Our Choice

While it was close, we found that the best sheep shears were the Laser 2 Sheep Shears from Lister. Lister is a respected brand noted for it’s lineup of high-performance sheep shears and these are top quality.

While there may be an argument to be made for the more affordable options, we believe in investing in quality sheep shears. While it certainly is an expensive purchase up front, there’s a significant enough difference in quality that warrants the extra price.

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