Best Rubber Boots for Farm Work in 2018

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While you may not think of it right away, finding the right pair of rubber boots is very important for a farmer or rancher. As many people are far too familiar with, a pair of bad boots means you’re ready long day only gets longer.

We are here to help you find the best rubber boots for farm work. First, we’ll walk you through everything you should consider before you start to look at products. Then we’ll walk you through our top picks and let you know who we think there might be a good fit for.

Best Rubber Boots for Farm Work in 2018

Product Shaft Height Pair Weight Steel Toe
LaCrosse Mens Alpha Range Work Boot 13″ 4.6 lb Composite Toe
Servus 14″ PVC Mens Work Boots 14″ 5 lb Available
Muck Boots 12″ Adult Chore Work Boot 12″ 6.4 lb No
Lacrosse Women’s Alpha Thermal Work Boot 13.75″ 4.3 lb No
Muck Boots Chore Cool Steel-Toed Work Boot (Our Choice) 14.75″ 5.1 lb Yes

Best Rubber Boots for Farm Work – Buyer’s Guide

First things first, it’s important to carefully consider a few different things. Most importantly, it will be very beneficial for you to carefully consider and think about your average day on the farm. The reality is that not every farmer will need the same boots. We’re here to help you finds the right fit.

Type of Farm Work You Do

By far, it is most important to think about your average day on the farm. This will help you determine what protections, such as ankle support or warmth, are going to be most important for you. For example, a pig farmer who spends a lot of time traversing land rutted up by pigs Will want rubber boots that provide great ankle support. On the other hand, a farmer with a small market garden may not need the same level of protection and therefore would opt for maximum comfort. The goal overall is for you to have a pair of boots that you can comfortably wear all day and that provide the right level of protection for you.

Also, take time to think about what elements you will need protecting from. Farmers in colder climates Will obviously want to consider a boot that offers protection from the cold, while farmers in warmer climates may not need that. Additionally, it will be important to consider how steady of terrain you are walking through, as unsteady terrain will require a boot that provides more ankle support to prevent injury.

What Protection Might You Need

As discussed a bit above, it’s very important to understand what kind of protection it will be important for you. Depending on your terrain, ankle support could be very important for you.

It’s also vital to consider whether or not you should invest in steel-toed boots. Think about how often you spend time around heavy objects, and yes, cows count as heavy objects. If you routinely work with heavy objects such as large machinery or large livestock, it would be very important to find a boot that has steel toes.

Comfort Throughout a Long Day

As everyone knows, finding comfortable boots is no small task. For farmers, it’s even more important for them to find a pair of boots that offers both comfort and protection. A day on the farm is long enough the way it is and it only gets longer if every step you take strains your feet and body. First things first, you’ll want to find the right weight for your needs. It can be tempting to find boots with every imaginable protection you could ever need, but the general truth is that each added protection adds weight. Therefore, the goal is to find boots with the protection you need at a weight you’re comfortable lugging around all day.

Also look for the right kind of cushion to ease the tension and stress that your feet take. The level of cushion that a pair of boots provides mostly comes from the sole. Most soles that focus on cushion are made from a material called EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate for you chemists out there) that is designed to provide additional shock cushioning and additional durability. While rubber soles are very soft, they are also prone to durability issues and may wear down over time.

Construction Type

It’s important to understand a little bit about how your boots are constructed as it may affect the durability of your boot. Also, certain types of boots may allow for the sole to be replaced. If you are looking for a pair of rubber boots that may last you a really long time, having the option of resoling them would be an important feature.

For boots that are directly attached using some kind of cement, the reality is that if the sole wears out then you will have to replace the entire boot. Whereas with the boots is that have the sole attached via a method of stitching, you most likely will be able to resole the boot in the event that they wear out. And as most farmers know, anything that can wear out will wear out. It’s truly only a matter of time.

Rubber Boots for Farm Work: Top Products

Here are our favorite rubber boots that work very well on the farm…

LaCrosse Mens Alpha Range Work Boot

LaCrosse Mens Alpha Range Work Boot Specs
Shaft Height 13″
Pair Weight 4.6 lb
Steel Toe Composite Toe

Manufactured by LaCrosse Footwear, a trusted company making work boots since 1897, these men’s work boots feature solid construction and excellent functionality.

These work boots are able to accommodate a variety of calf sizes due to gusset that allows for cinching the top of the boot tight. While they don’t have a true steel toe, they feature a composite toe that uses multiple layers of rubber to provide additional protection.

These work boots would be a great choice for a farmer doesn’t need the additional weight of a steel toe but would like some protection anyways.

  • Quality construction from a trusted brand
  • Adjustable gusset can tighten opening
  • Comfortable boots for a work day
  • Size ran small for some

Servus 14″ PVC Mens Work Boots

Servus 14″ PVC Mens Work Boots Specs
Shaft Height 14″
Pair Weight 5 lb
Steel Toe Available

An affordable option produced by Servus (a Honeywell company), these PVC work boots provide a lot of value for the money. While not technically made of rubber, these boots are constructed from an advanced polymer using an injection molded process.

These work boots would be a good option for farmers that are primarily looking for waterproof protection and don’t need them for extreme cold. They also would be a good fit for those who want the benefit of steel toe boots without the huge price tag.

These boots offer excellent protection of slipping on wet surfaces, so farmers who frequently find themselves in slippery situations could benefit from these.

  • Great value for the price
  • PVC material is resistant to animal waste
  • Steel toe protection available at an affordable price
  • Slip-resistant
  • Some users mentioned minor durability issues
  • Wide open top allows debris to fall in boots

Muck Boots 12″ Adult Chore Work Boot

Muck Boots 12″ Adult Chore Work Boot Specs
Shaft Height 12″
Pair Weight 6.4 lb
Steel Toe No

Made by the Muck Boot Company, these 12″ Chore Work Boots feature an extended rubber coating for full waterproofing. Designed to be worn all day while hunting, these boots are an excellent choice for a day of chores around the farm.

While these specific boots don’t have a steel toe, they would be a great option for a farmer that needs a waterproof work boot but doesn’t interact with heavy animals or machinery. Rated for comfort between -40 and 40 Degrees Fahrenheit, these boots would be excellent for chores around the farm in winter and spring.

  • Very comfortable boots for long days
  • Rated for below freezing temperatures
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • A bit heavy for some applications

Lacrosse Women’s Alpha Thermal Work Boot

Lacrosse Women’s Alpha Thermal Work Boot Specs
Shaft Height 13.75″
Pair Weight 4.3 lb
Steel Toe No

Another pair of Boots from LaCrosse Footwear, these Women’s Alpha Thermal work boots are designed perfectly for winter chores. A convenient gusset helps keep both the cold and any debris out of your boots.

These work boots feature a thick 7mm layer of neoprene as a fleece lining. As such, they would be an excellent choice for women who want to maintain great comfort while out doing chores in winter.

  • Available in a variety of attractive designs
  • Fleece lining provides additional warmth in winter
  • Solid construction from a trusted company
  • Gusset helps retain warms and keep debris out
  • A bit pricey for some

Muck Boots Chore Cool Steel-Toed Work Boot

Muck Boots Chore Cool Steel-Toed Work Boot Specs
Shaft Height 14.75″
Pair Weight 5.1 lb
Steel Toe Yes

Another entry from the Muck Boots Company, these Chore Cool Steel Toe work boots are both durable and flexible. While they aren’t necessarily designed for extreme cold temperatures, these work boots could be great year-round boots in many areas.

These boots feature an upper that is triple reinforced in the toe, which would be great for farmers that handle large livestock and want the added toe protection.

Designed to both keep your feet dry and prevent excessive sweatiness, these work boots would be an excellent three-season boot.

  • High-quality construction from a reputable company
  • Great option for non-winter chores
  • Steel toe boots but not excessively heavy
  • Liner helps reduce feet sweating
  • A bit pricey, but great value for money

Our Choice

While it was a tough call, the winner of our round-up is the Chore Cool Steel Toe Work Boot from the Muck Boot Company.

While the other options were great, we felt that these rubber boots offered the most value to the average farmer. Designed to be comfortably worn through three seasons and providing the additional protection from a steel toe, these boots offer reliable performance from a trusted brand.

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