About Us

It started with a simple idea:

Let’s do everything we can to help bring back the small farm.

Why focus on small farms?

Simply put, we believe that small farms have tremendous potential. From rediscovering connections to our food to empowering local communities, small farms are a ripe opportunity for all.

Healthier Environment

By being more in-touch with the land they work, small farmers have the opportunity to improve their local environment.

Stronger Communities

By selling more to those living around them, small farms can build stronger connections and keep profits in the community.

A Better Product

Whether you're interested in pastured eggs or beautiful heirloom tomatoes, small farms can bring back nutritious food.

How Can We Help Small Farms?

In-Depth Guides & Discussions

We love to talk farming and here you’ll find in-depth discussions on a wide variety of topics. From what exactly does a “grass farm” mean to everything you could ever want to know about grass-fed beef or the egg aisle, we love to dive deep into the topics that matter most.

Discussions About Farm Gear & Equipment

We understand that having the right tools can make or break any small farm. From small orchards to pasture-based farms to the one-acre market garden, every kind of small farm needs the right tools. Fortunately, our team loves to talk shop and we’ll walk you through the nitty-gritty details on how to find the right solution for your farm.

Making the Connections that Count

Building the right network is important for every kind of small farm. We’re here to help you find the right services in your area. Need a butcher that can perform small-scale processing of livestock to your standards? Check out our directory below to find a partner in your area you can trust.